Composition Française Spokane speaks for the French Speaking community, the world and Spokane. For us, teaching French should be a composition of points of views and perspectives as well as techniques and contents to better fit the students and the language in movement. Composition Française wants to be like a music sheet, a canvas or the web the living result of past experiences, acquired skills and imprinted knowledge to create the ability to understand and use the language in a forever changing environment.

With his shape and his color composition, our logo means to recall the painter’s watercolor palette. Its round shape also reminds the globe, the world we live in, which is composed of a multitude of colors, which students learn about in the first chapters of all textbooks. Our logo is also a simplified illustration of two of our favorite poems, Paul Fort’s “La ronde autour du monde” and Jacques Prevert’s “En sortant de l’école. For in those turbulent times throughout the world, what’s more genuine and hopeful than the image of children from all origins holding hands around the world? Finally, our logo represents the endless possibilities that creation allows.

Notre nom, notre logo