Tired of stumbling on the same difficulties in French ? This course focuses its attention on classical complexities of the French language, overlooked in a typical comprehensive course. Get ready to finally face and overcome the cunning ways of our beloved French and laugh at its shenanigans!

  • 4 or 8 week courses per session (12 hrs per session) ; Group or private settings

    • 3 hrs x1/week (Thursdays 9-12 pm) OR 
    • 90 minutes x2/week (Monday-Thursday 10:30-2 pm OR Monday-Thursday 1-2:30 pm) OR
    • 90 minutes x1/week (Wednesday 10:30-12 pm OR Wednesday 1-2:30 pm)

  • Price:$144 ($12/hr) for groups; $180 ($15/hr) for private. 
  • 5% off if registration 10 days before class starts. 


    1. French Phonetics I-Producing and listening to the sounds of French from the phoneme to the sentence.
    2. French Phonetics II-Producing and listening to the sounds of French from the sentence to the text.