Our philosophy
According to us, teaching and learning a language means getting involved in a new perspective of the world through the exploration and practice of the language, second and your own. Learning and teaching a language does not mean “changing your religion”, there is nothing to lose but all to gain by this process. It will always result in an enrichment of the self, by allowing yourself out in the world to experience it, broadening your scope of knowledge, understanding and abilities.[…] Read more

Notre philosophie

Our methodology
We offer to lead students of French as a foreign language to explore the system of the language as young French students do for their first ten years at school while learning “grammar” (grammaire). […] Read more

Notre méthodologie

Our space
We are located in the historical Corbin neighborhood, right off our beautiful park. Open our classroom and take a look!

Notre espace
Nous nous trouvons dans le quartier historique de Corbin, juste à côté de notre joli parc. Ouvrez notre salle de classe et jetez un oeil!